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The Studio

The Santa Rufina studio is a small, welcoming place with a magical light.

It was created to preserve and maintain the Portuguese tradition of tiles and ceramics.

It started out producing replicas of artwork in museums, palaces and private collectors. With excellent pottery and painting craftspeople, it successfully reached its goals. It’s internationally acclaimed in the four corners of the world and has been visited and filmed by several international TV channels.

Some of our artwork has been featured in French movies and many national and international books and magazines.

The tiles and artwork are hand-modelled, glazed and painted, and some of the pieces and panels are created in exclusive, limited series.​

Different types of paintings can be commissioned. It’s famous and characterized by 17th and 18th century painting.

You must visit the studio to understand and feel the differences...

The Tile

The tile is a decorative element in noble homes and monuments have been used since ancient times, but they’ve become more widespread since the 15th century. Their characteristics are widely accepted by Portuguese artists as a framework for their art where they are free to express themselves, introducing new painting and manufacture techniques.

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